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Yes We Play Events! 

The Americanos have a lot of experience playing private and corporate events and we guarantee to come bring a smile to your guests and clients! 

Here is our Sample Video


We play a wide range of music from many eras and in many styles with something for everyone to enjoy. We've played events both big and small including parties for President Clinton, General Colin Powell, and Anne Hathaway's wedding.


Our music is both interesting enough to engage listeners and light enough to serve as a soundtrack for your guests interactions. Our group sound is always transparent so guests can have a normal conversation right in front of the band and hear each other clearly. 


We take pride in the service we provide to our clients and are always on time, professional, and responsive.  We are able to adapt many situations and always are flexible when details change. 


We can play with a sound system, small amplifiers or play acoustically depending on what your event calls for. 


Generally we play as a trio of mandolin, guitar, and bass. If desired we can augment the group by adding other instruments like accordion, drums or horns. We also sing if desired and can add a female vocalist as well. 


Please give Michael Z an email or call here: or 415-987-9242

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