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The original Americano Social Club trio is led by Michael Zisman on mandolin and features guitarist Jason Vanderford and bassist Joe Kyle Jr.


The Americano seeds were sown in 2010 from legendary Wednesday nights at the Café Trieste in North Beach and we have been evolving ever since. We all share a appetite for musical adventure, an admiration of beautiful melodies and a love of entertaining folks. We call this the Americano Social Club as it is more than just about the music. Ours is a community of great musicians, audiences, artists, dancers and more that love to be together and share art, beauty, humor, the other dreams that are this San Francisco life. 


We have a number of frequent Americano guest co-conspirators like wonderful vocalists Emily Zisman, Anna Laura Quinn, exciting guitarists Scott Foster and Doug Martin, exciting belly dancers Julie Rea, Kami Liddle, May Yang, and Rose Harden and many, many more! We are also amazed and honored at all the fantastic performers that like to join in the fun! 


All of our performers have other projects and work that they do and we encourage you to click on their links here! 

May Yang

Anna Laura Quinn

Scott Foster

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