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About our Shows:
"We play music for "la dolce vita": a mix of romantic and eclectic melodies from all over the world. At our performances you might hear Pop, Jazz or Folk, Classical, Rock, or Opera, the music of Brazil or of Europe's cafés, (not to mention some of our own dramatic original pieces); and all of it re-imagined so you will hear the melodies you love (or didn’t know you loved) like new again."

The Americanos play all kinds of different shows and we want you to come to the one that suits the vibe you are looking for! We call ourselves the Americanos Social Club as our audiences love hanging out with each other just as much as coming to hear the music!  We chose the venues we play regularly for a certain friendly atmosphere and we make sure that each venue experience is different that the rest.

Here is a guide to the kinds of shows we play:


Café Nights:


When we play at cafés and other small venues we are generally playing for atmosphere and sometimes we become the featured entertainment for a few tunes as well! 

Café shows are perfect for casual gatherings, eating, drinking and visiting with friends and just hanging out. These café nights are usually family friendly, casual dress, no cover or minimum and the venues offer affordable faire. 


Our regular Café Nights are usually at the Café Du Soleil and the Revolution Café and each has it’s charms!




We play at wine bars, night clubs and restaurants as well and again we are often both atmosphere and featured entertainment at given times of the evening. These shows are great for romantic dates and fun social gatherings. These venues are a little more dressy (not too much), a little more pricey, and offer some great food and drinks without cover or minimum. 


Blush Wine Bar in San Francisco and Speisekammer in Alameda are great places for this kind of performance and vibe.



Our “Ruckus” Show


Usually each month we make a “Ruckus” at Club Deluxe in San Francisco. For these fantastic shows we are the featured entertainment and pull out all the stops with great music, singing, bellydance and much more! These nights are Big Fun and we hope you can come join us for some eclectic entertainment you won’t forget! 



Other Shows and Concerts


During the year the Americanos play special concerts and other shows. These are usually unique offerings and feature some of our more intimate music for listening audiences.

These might be at the Red Poppy Art House or maybe the Ivy Room or maybe even at the DeYoung! 

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